I Am. Wellness

This one department was really what called me to set up the store in the first place. 15 yrs ago I was diagnosed with cysts on my Thyroid and was told at the time that the only solve would be removal of my Thyroid which for me, wasn't at the time and was never going to be an option. I was determined to tackle the challenge naturally and solve it by allowing and supporting my bodies own intelligence, with help from the natural world.

That one decision to step away from Western medicine's 'solution' to my challenge changed absolutely everything in my life. I went on a 14 yr journey of healing - mind, body and spirit. I learned so much about the mind - body connection during that time that made a surgical approach to my 'condition' even more of a 'no-go'. I was determined to understand 'why' the cysts manifest rather than just surgically removing them only to have them return because I didn't get at the root cause, which in my case was mostly stored emotions and past life experiences. I would never have know these truths and been able to work with them, had I just 'cut it out' all those years ago.

Now don't get me wrong, Western medicine has it's place. Absolutely but not at the negation of natural remedies. I believe in an individualized, balanced and holistic approach to healing, utilizing Eastern, Western and alternative modalities and in this department I am seeking quality, healing items that are proven effective without any side effects. Some of these products I use regularly, some I've used only when needed and some I haven't tried but know others who have and have experienced profound healing effects.

I'd be interested in how you've used natural products to cure what ails you and to what effect it's changed your condition. Do you use a product that isn't here?... Reach out and let me know and I'll see if I can bring it in for you!