Welcome to my little shop of possibilities! 

My name is Kerry Forbes and I'm a live event producer living and working in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. My corporate company is Atlantic Ground Control Inc. and my production dream machine is the Activation Sessions. Conscious Curiosities is the love child of both. A direct and very tangible way for me to offer what's in my heart and what's important to me, to you. It's a new way for us to form relationship. One built on trust and integrity. This is paramount in my world. You can find out more about that if you visit the Activation Sessions website. www.activationsessions.com

So here I wish to thank you for taking the time to drop by and get a feel for who I am and what I'm offering. I'm a straight shooter, meat and potatoes kinda' gal and I have no interest in propping up a world that really does need to transform in very real and distinct areas. I see the false world crumbling around us and it only strengthens my conviction towards cultivating an environment of awareness, critical thinking, compassion, integrity and personal empowerment. I remember the days before big corporates ran everything and run everything into the ground, when merchandise had longevity, a certain Chicken chain still had flavor and we trusted our neighbours! I believe we do have the power to get back to those standards once we realize that the 'real' power for change really does start and stop with us and it's all derived from an awake and empowered heart.

With that said, I dedicate myself towards procuring the best quality products on the market, from independent creators. My joy comes from finding artists who have products and services that they themselves have laid hands on or developed or they've had direct input into the creation of that item. Creators who LOVE their craft because that love gets passed directly on to you.

If you purchase an item from my shop that doesn't speak to this standard please reach out and let me know. This way we help each other create a shop of quality and integrity. If you don't share with me I can't assist and this is how we build trust. Ideally this shop should be a reflection of what matters to the both of us and one that nurtures a better world for all!

Thank you for being here. I do appreciate the company! <3