Comfortable Clothing

Clothing is such an awesome way of expressing who we are as creative Beings. Now full disclosure here, I have never been a fashionista. you're not going to find any high fashion items in this department. I've been a thrift shopper all my life, for I love the 'hunt' that thrift stores offer and I've found incredibly rare and high quality pieces for next to nothing. I have to say this way of shopping has sculpted my standards over the years, particularly where clothing is concerned. At this point it's pretty simple... is it quality, comfortable, stylish, made from natural fibers and is it affordable?

There is no such thing as a 300% mark up on anything in my shop - nowhere near, so in this department I am looking for quality, natural fibers (though some items are poly - blend and I'll note that for you), that are unique pieces not readily available in department stores and offered at a REASONABLE price point. I hope you like what's currently on offer, for it too will expand. If you're looking for something in particular don't be shy, let me know.