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Hey there beautiful you, my name is Kerry and welcome to my corner of the Universe.

I'm all about sound and frequency, why? Because we ARE frequency! Working intentionally with sound and other natural products and modalities has changed and empowered my life in surprising ways that I could never have anticipated, going in.

So here's the truly wonderful and creative part, I get to fill the shop with items that I love. That I've either tried and use myself or that simply move me, knowing they may just move you too! Join me on FB, IG or Pinterest to stay on top of what's newly arrived in the shop.

Thank you for being here. I value your presence, your feedback and any suggestions you may have for bettering your shopping experience with me.

Come and find your High Vibing community!

Activationsessions.com / consciouscuriosities.com

All my love, K. XOXO

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