Tarot Card Protector Sleeves (100Pcs - Various Sizes)

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Card Protector Sleeves (100Pcs - Various Sizes) 

One of the easiest ways to keep your cards clean and lasting longer. Particularly useful for collectors and to keep the energy off your cards if used by others. Great to take to shows when many may be handling your cards.



Item: 100pcs / set, Transparent Plastic Card Sleeves


100% brand new and high quality.

Suitable for professional games or card collections.

Light and transparent, easy to use.

Material: Plastic ( free of acid and lead)


A, 4.5cm (1.77in) × 7cm (2.75in)

B, 6cm (2.36in) × 9cm (3.54in)

C, 6.6cm (2.6in) × 9cm (3.54in)

D, 8cm (3.15in) × 12.1cm (4.76in)

E, 7.2cm (2.83in) × 7.2cm (2.83in)

F, 5.2cm (2.05in) × 7.7cm (3.03in)

G, 6.3cm (2.48in) × 11.4cm (4.49in)

H, 8.9cm (3.50in) × 11.4cm (4.49in)

I, 6.7cm (2.64in) × 10.2cm (4.02in)

J, 7.4cm (2.91in) × 12.5cm (4.92in)

K, 8.2cm (3.23in) × 8.2cm (3.23in)

L, 5.8cm (2.28in) × 8.8cm (3.46in)

M, 7.2cm (2.83in) × 10.2cm (4.02in)

N, 7.2cm (2.83in) × 12.3cm (4.84in)

O, 6cm (2.36in) × 11cm (4.33in)

P, 6.9cm (2.72in) × 12cm (4.72in)

Q, 4.3cm (1.69in) × 6.5cm (2.56in)

R, 6.9cm (2.72in) × 9.4cm (3.70in)

S, 6.1cm (2.40in) × 9.3cm (3.66in)

T, 7.2cm (2.83in) × 12.2cm (4.80in)

U, 5.5cm (2.17in) × 7.9cm (3.11in)

V, 4.5cm (1.77in) × 6.7cm (2.64in)

B1, 6.5cm (2.56in) × 9.2cm (3.62in)

Z, 6.2cm (2.44in) × 8.9cm (3.50in)


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