The Mystic In You

Growing up with an Astrologer as a mother really helped shape my own perspectives in this life. Right outta' the gates I was destined to live a life outside of the box, in every regard. My formative years were spent being surrounded by my mom's friends who were all tarot and card readers, psychics, channels, past life regressionists, healers, etc.  I was born into a way of thinking that was so far ahead of its time, at the time, that I never felt like I would fit in, exactly. 

It was only much later in life that I began to fully appreciate the truly strange environment that I was raised in. It allowed me to live a life with perspectives that were beyond this Earthly realm and equipped me with skills that I wouldn't actually discover until later in life. Like NOW! LoL!  I'm not sure I ever really had an 'awakening' per say... for I've always felt uncomfortably awake to the Matrix that we live in, while simultaneously being powerfully drawn to the 'invisible, mystical realms' and all the tools that exist that help us reach those realms within. 

So for this department, I'm seeking items which I know from experience, impact our spiritual understanding of who we are, why we're here, where we're going and what our role is moving forward into a new reality. Crystals, sound healing instruments, cards, etc. can all be found in this area. If you're seeking something in particular, do let me know.