High Quality Natural Black Obsidian Stone Crystal Scrying Mirror With Shelf

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High Quality Natural Black Obsidian Stone Crystal Scrying Mirror With Shelf

This mirror as soon as I saw it, pulled me in. Not only would this be a powerful and very cool piece for any healing room and practice, they have a long history of being used as a 'seeing' tool, much like how one would use a crystal ball. Fascinating piece! Read below for a bit more on Scrying.


Item: Mexican Black Obsidian Stone Mirror

Technique: Carved

Stone Type: Black Obsidian


ABOUT SCRYING: Info credit goes to 'Fields Of Study'

Let’s talk about the obsidian scrying mirror. These mirrors are made from polished volcanic glass which makes them a perfect surface for this form of scrying. Just like a crystal ball, this is an ancient form of divination involving gazing into the surface to see images or visions that reveal something about a specific question asked during the performance of this ritual. It isn’t about seeing the future per se (though historically it has been used as such), but more about revealing parts of our unconscious, or the collective unconscious (which we are also a part of). It is a little like dream interpretation, where images and symbols hold personal meanings which can be read to gain deeper understanding. Obsidian is a stone of physic protection, grounding, cleansing of negativity and spirit communication. So it is an excellent stone to use for both its practical mirrored surface, and it energetic properties while performing this practice.

Let’s talk about the history of scrying, and using a scrying mirror. 

The word “scrying” actually comes from the Old English word descry which means “to make out dimly” or “to reveal.” Therefore, scrying is about revealing the unseen through the use of our natural ability of second sight. Second sight is our capacity to see things that can’t usually be perceived through our five senses.

Scrying was first mentioned in the 10th Century in an Ancient Persian text called the “Shahnameh.” Later, as Christianity rose to power, scrying was outlawed. And yet almost every culture has used some form of scrying: from the Native American’s observation of smoke, to the Egyptians use of oil gazing to gain wisdom. 

Scrying has been used for thousands of years by different cultures. Ancient Egypt used scrying in their Initiations. This included water scrying, dream scrying, oil scrying, and mirror scrying. One legend states that the goddess Hathor carried a shield that could reflect back all things in their true light. From this shield she allegedly fashioned the first magic mirror to “see.”In ancient Persia, the Shahnama, a semi-historical epic work written in the late 10th century, gives a description of what was called the Cup of Jamshid, used in pre-Islamic Persia, which was used by wizards and practitioners of the esoteric sciences for observing all the seven layers of the universe.

Ancient Greeks and Celts practiced scrying using beryl, crystal, black glass, polished quartz, water, and other transparent or light catching bodies. Nostradamus is believed to have employed a small bowl of water as a scrying tool into which he gazed and received images of future events. In Arab countries, scryers have used their own polished thumbnails. Dr. Morton Prince, a medical psychologist of the 19th century, used electric lightbulbs in scrying experiments with his patients.

Wiccans use rounded mirrors, the convex side of which is painted black, or small cauldrons that are painted black on the inside and filled with water.... visit the FIELDS OF STUDY website to read more...


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