Natural Sandalwood, Traditional Body Gua Sha Therapeutic Massage & Pain Relief Tools

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Natural Sandalwood, Traditional Body Gua Sha Therapeutic Massage & Pain Relief Tools 

I have a massage therapist that uses these beautiful, torturous instruments of muscle healing and transformation on me now and again and they really are sensational at getting to the places that require precision pressure like the Sciatica. Wonderful!

Thank you to Petite and Soignée for the insightful instructions!


Item: Gua Sha Massage Tool

Material: Wood


Gua Sha therapy has been practiced consistently for thousands of years. It's an effective special physical therapy originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Guasha practitioner exerts force on specific body parts and points, with tools to treat disorders & stimulate subcutaneous peripheral nerves. This improves local circulation of blood and lymph fluid, speeds up the metabolism, promotes nutritional supply, regulates immune function through the nerve-endocrine-immunoregulation network and more.

Made of natural wood, durable and long time to use, but because of natural wood


1 * Gua Sha Massage Tool

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