Wooden Body Shaping Guasha Therapy Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Tools

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Wooden Body Shaping Guasha Therapy  Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Tools 

These babies are going to be fabulous for deep tissue muscle massage OR for something much lighter such as Guasha Massage. Either way, they're a lovely, natural tool to use all over the body. What are some of the benefits of Guasha you ask?? 

Gua sha massage, often referred to as "scraping" or "spooning," is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves scraping the skin with a smooth-edged tool to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue. We use them for pain relief, improved circulation, reduction of inflammation, muscle relaxation, tension relief, enhanced immune function, stress reduction, facial rejuvenation and so, so much more! 

Thanking Tina Engeo for her training!


Item: Wooden, Guisha / Lymphatic Drainage Tools

Material: Wood

Tools:  * Maderoterapia Cup Massager,  * Gua Sha Massager Board,  * Anti Cellulite Massage Roller (9 wheels),  * Massage Roller Stick (5 wheels),  * Wooden Massage Roller, * Wooden Crescent Massager.

Package Includes: 1 Pc OR /6 Pcs  Wood Massage Tool


* The wooden massager tool is made of natural wood and is evenly sanded, polished and sealed without burrs and will not harm the skin.


* Before Guasha massage, apply massage oil to the area that needs attention and gently massage the Guasha area, increasing the intensity as your body adapts 
* Continuously move the tool in one direction on the area that needs to be massaged
* Drinking warm water after the Guasha massage will help the body detoxify
* Please do not take a bath within 30 minutes after the Guasha massage
* Avoid blowing fans or air conditioners directly on the body after Guasha


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