Natural Teak Wooden Assorted Kitchen Utensils ~ Great for cooking on non-stick pans!

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Natural Teak Wooden Assorted Kitchen Utensils ~ Great for cooking on non-stick pans! 

No word of a lie, I have solid Teak kitchen utensils that were my Mom's way back in the day that I still use today! They're probably 30 + yrs old and solid, and can take a beating along with hundreds of washings... though I don't put them through the dishwasher. They're always hand cleaned which I believe marks the difference. 


Item: Solid Teak Assorted Cooking Utensils

Material: Teak Wood

Certifications: CE / EU, CIQ, EEC, LFGB, SGS


* Natural & Non-Toxic: Wooden spoons are handmade with one piece of natural teak wood. They are non-toxic and no BPA. 

* Heat Resistant: These utensils can safely withstand up to 450 degrees. They will not melt nor scald your hands due to the long handles and proximity away from hot food.

* Easy to Clean: We recommend to hand washing and monthly care with oil, letting them dry naturally. Do not put in the dishwasher.

* Hard Wood & Great for Nonstick Cookware: Teak is a hard wood with tight grains and high degrees of naturally occurring oils. Because of the hardness of the wood you need not worry about them falling on the ground and breaking or scratching. These durable teak wooden utensils are perfect for expensive non-stick pans!


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