8pcs Solfeggio Sound Healing Tuning Fork Set With Wooden Box

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8pcs Solfeggio Sound Healing Tuning Fork Set With Wooden Box

Well now... tuning forks are my THING! I love, love, love them and use them regularly in my own personal and professional practice. They move energy like nobody's business and they're capable of completely changing the frequency of any room, as well as helping us find balance, harmony and coherence both within the body, the energetic field and most certainly in the space in which we dwell. There are a multitude of videos online talking about the power of sound healing and in particular, the tuning forks. A quick Google search will get you to where you want to Be! 


Item: Solfeggio Off-body Tuning Fork Set With Wooden Box

Weight (kg): 700g-1000g

Size:165 x 223mm, 210 x 265mm

Diameter (cm): 20 - 30cm

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Color: Silver

Frequency: 256 Hz, 288 Hz, 320 Hz, 341 Hz, 384 Hz, 426 Hz, 480 Hz, 512 Hz


* 8 Solfeggio tuning forks that can be used as the tuning standard for other musical instruments.
* Quality Aluminum Alloy. Rust and corrosion resistant.

Package Includes: 

8pcs x Tuning Forks
1pc x Mallet
1pc x Wooden Box


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