Who doesn't love beautiful adornments?! Treasured pieces that speak to you. That move you and invoke a powerful feeling. Whatever that feeling may be. Perhaps one of remembrance or something that makes us feel sexy or powerful or just beautifully sublime. 

FASHION JEWELERY CARE NOTE: The metal alloy in fashion jewelry does tend to darken over time. This is due to oxidation. We've found the best way to deal with this is to keep the piece in a covered box or just somewhere that air cannot get to it. Then when wearing, don't put it on skin that has recently been moisturized for the metal picks up the oils, etc. and this accelerates the oxidation process. To deal with darkened fashion jewelry, run a soft cloth that has a dab of moistened toothpaste on it, over the chain or pendant. Gently rub and scrub it, then rinse with warm water and pat dry. It should freshen right up!