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Hi there beautiful you, my name is Kerry and welcome to my little corner of the world. A world where common sense still prevails and love leads the way. Always.

Conscious Curiosities is a love child of the Activation Sessions and both are driven by a single, burning desire; Truth. The BIG Truth, in all forms. So here is where I offer you my Truth in the form of products that I believe in or just find beautiful or interesting. I've filled the shop with items that I've either tried and use myself or that simply move me, hoping they move you too.

I'm a new shop so give me some time to curate those unique items that I think you'll enjoy and will benefit from. My focus is a natural one (or as natural as can be) and I will do my utmost to seek out independant creators and suppliers from around the world, who offer high standards and quality items in all departments.

So I wish to take a moment to thank you for being here. I value your presence, your feedback and any suggestions you may have for bettering your shopping experience with me.

Come and find your community and stay in touch @ activationsessions.com and on Facebook & IG

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