Galaxy In A Ball! Vintage, Glow In The Dark, 'Universal' Pendant Necklace On A Metal Chain (Fashion Jewelry)

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Galaxy In A Ball! Vintage, Glow In The Dark, 'Universal' Pendant Necklace On A Metal Chain (Fashion Jewelry)

Ok... I'm thinking this is THE perfect reminder that you ARE the Universe! Little Galaxy's that glow in the dark. I love 'conversation starting' fashion. This is definitely one of those items! Ya I know it's odd but then so am I. These little gems got solid satisfaction reviews. Take Note... This piece is pure fashion jewelry so I have suggestions below for keeping the metal looking fresh and new.


Item: Galactic Pendant Necklaces

Weight: 11g

Pendant Size: 2*2cm

Chain length: 50cm

Chain Type: Zinc Alloy Chain Link

Material: Metal

Color: As picture shown

FASHION JEWELERY CARE NOTE: The metal alloy in fashion jewelry does tend to darken over time. This is due to oxidation. We've found the best way to deal with this is to keep the piece in a covered box where air cannot get to it. Then when wearing, don't put it on skin that has recently been moisturized for the metal picks up the oils, etc. and this accelerates the oxidation process. To deal with darkened fashion jewelry, run a soft cloth that has a dab of moistened toothpaste on it, over the chain or pendant. Gently rub and scrub it, then rinse with warm water and pat dry. It should freshen right up!

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