Washable, Reusable Castor Oil Neck Wrap / Pad For Oil Pack Treatments

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Washable, Reusable Castor Oil Neck Wrap / Pad For Oil Pack Treatments

Since I started using Castor Oil packs WAY back when, they've since come out with a number of useful shapes to apply to the various parts of the body. I used to use ripped up flannel - which was effective but tended to make a mess. These are so much more civilized! 

Made famous by the American psychic and healer, Edgar Cayce who lived in the early to mid-20th century. He was known for his holistic approach to health and wellness, incorporating elements of spirituality, metaphysics, and alternative medicine into his teachings. One of the remedies often associated with Edgar Cayce is the use of castor oil packs.

According to Cayce, castor oil packs could be beneficial for various health issues, including liver and digestive conditions. The application of a castor oil pack involves saturating a piece of cloth with castor oil and placing it on the skin, typically over the abdomen. The pack is then covered with a plastic sheet and a warm compress or heating pad is applied on top.

Cayce believed that castor oil packs could stimulate the lymphatic system, enhance circulation, and promote detoxification.


Item: Castor Oil Neck Wraps / Pads

Material: Air Knitted Fabric, Bamboo Wool

Size: 46.5*9 CM / 18.3*3.54 in

Package Includes: (1) * Pcs 


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