Silver Conductive, Grounding, Fitted Queen Sized, Fabric Sheet

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Silver Conductive, Grounding, Fitted Queen Sized, Fabric Sheet 153*203*39 cm 

We haven't tried the sheets but we can only imagine what great sleeps you'd have on them. With the grounding products the more skin contact and the more time spent the better.


Thread Count: 400TC

Technics: Woven

Style: Plain

Pattern Type: Solid

Pattern: Yarn Dyed

This grounded fitted sheet is made from conductive material of 95% cotton with 5% silver grid woven in. Sheet is durable and will hold up to hundreds of washing and dryings on the low heat setting.

IMPORTANT:  Though the sheets are durable, it is suggested to NOT sleep on silver with bare skin and always use a fitted sheet over top of any silver bedding for as the material degrades, the silver becomes weakened and exposed. At that point, buy a new one!

Package includes:

1*Fitted Sheet 153 * 203 * 39cm(60 x 80 x 15inch / 5.01 x 6.6 ft.)

1* Grounding cable ( UK / EU / AU socket available for some countries)

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