Powerful & Unique Natural Raw Healing Dragon Bloodstone

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Powerful & Unique Natural Raw Healing Dragon Bloodstone

This amazing stone jumped out at me right away. Not only because of its Dragon connections but because it holds powerful properties that will assist our 'awakening' and enhance our inner strengthen and will power. Welcoming Dragon energy into our lives, is really quite a commitment to actualizing and clarifying our 'true' mission here on Earth. The Dragon Jasper helps to light the path by connecting us to the Earth and Fire elements and reminds us of our own creative power and potential, and oh so much more! 


Item: Dragon Bloodstone

Size: 2 - 5cm

Material: Natural Stone

Package Includes:

50/100g Natural Dragon Bloodstone Raw Rough


This is a Raw Gemstone, in order to protect its natural luster, dust was left on the stone. Run under warm water to clean and refresh.


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