Nepalese Handmade Copper Singing Sound Bowl /Chime For Meditation Healing

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Nepalese Handmade Copper Singing Sound  Bowl /Chime For Meditation Healing

Of all the healing tools, the sound bowls are definitely my favourite. My first experience with a singing bowl was in Manhattan. A little metaphysical store tucked away in Soho and in the corner of this store was a literal mountain of singing bowls. One piled on top of the other, 5 ft high, it was a shiny, brass sight to behold! I was in awe. I'd never heard one up to that point and I wound up spending almost a full hour in that shop, surrounded by singing bowls... singing! I left with a bowl that to this day I can pick out of a crowd. Literally. They 'become' you and when you hear 'your' bowl, you'll know it. They are 'Being's with their own personality and tonality. xo 


Item: Full Moon Singing Bowl

Origin: Nepal

Material: Copper

Ornament Pattern: Scriptures

Craft: Handmade

Package Includes: * Bowl * Sheepskin Stick  * Knock Stick * Washer * Bowl Suction


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