Gold Aluminum Alloy 7 Chakra Weighted Tuning Forks

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Gold Aluminum Alloy 7 Chakra Weighted Tuning Forks

The weighted tuning forks are amazing to work on the body. I like to use them along meridian lines and on the feet particularly. Through the feet we can send frequency and vibrations directly to all organs and systems throughout the physiology. The weighted forks are life changers if used properly and consistently. 


Item: Gold, Weighted Tuning Forks

Material: High Quality Aluminum Alloy

Colour: Golden

Frequency Spectrum: 126.22 Hz, 136.1 Hz, 141.27 Hz, 172.06 Hz, 194.18 Hz, 210.42 Hz, 221.23Hz, 272.2Hz

Package Contains:

8 x Tuning Forks

1 * Storage Bag

2 * Drumsticks

2 * Cleaning Cloths(The style of accessories is random, and the specified style is not accepted)


* The extended handle of turned, smooth Aluminum allows for long resonance of each fork

* High quality, corrosion resistant alloy


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