Firm Chiropractic Traction Cervical Spine Alignment / Shoulder Relaxer Form for Pain Relief

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Firm Chiropractic Traction Cervical Spine Alignment / Shoulder Relaxer Form for Pain Relief

I've suffered with chronic neck pain and stiffness and power headaches for decades and I'm willing to bet this gizmo is going to make an impact!


Item: Cervical Shoulder Alignment Apparatus

Material: Polyurethane


A cervical neck pillow with V-shaped arc, offering micro elastic support and comfort

Relaxes the cervical spine and provides deep care, spinal relaxation and natural curvature assistance with just 8 min. of use a day

C-shaped opening, helps to align and provide correct posture by gravity assisted curvature. Press the pellets to relax the muscles on both sides of the spine

Lie down on the pillow, relax and let gravity provide a natural downward stretch to the cervical spine in three directions, (horizontal, natural curvature and an upward stretch)

Once lying down, the neck pillow will deform and stretch to the contours of the neck / spine, reducing overall compression

This pillow has a two-way design offering different traction effects:

1. Weak positive traction (suitable for initial use while getting used to the pillow)

2. Reverse traction enhancement (suitable for maintenance once adjusted to the pillow)

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