23 String 19 Half Key Solid Spruce Wood With Mahogany Veneer Lyre Harp 

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23 String 19 Half Key Solid Spruce Wood With Mahogany Veneer Lyre Harp 

The Lyre is such a beautiful instrument that totally makes me feel like I'm floating. I've found this beautiful woman who teaches the Lyre if you fancy checking our her classes. 


Item: 23 String 19 Half Key Lyre Harp

Specification: 23 Strings

Material: Solid Spruce With Mahogany Vaneer

Size: 60 x 38 x 20cm

Color: As Shown


1 * Lyre Harp

1 * Tuning Lever

1 * English Manual


* The Lyre is the earliest stringed instrument in western countries. Since the Renaissance, it has also been a symbol of Western music. 

* The harps are carved from a single piece of solid Spruce wood, covered in Mahogany vaneer. The density of the wood is enough to keep the tone and prevent the strings from acting on the wood. The sound of this instrument is warm with a soft, pleasing tone.

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