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Welcome to my little shop of possibilities! 

My name is Kerry Forbes and I'm a live producer living and working in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. My corporate company is Atlantic Ground Control Inc. and my production dream machine is the Activation Sessions. Conscious Curiosities is the love child of both. A direct and very tangible way to offer what's in my heart and what's important to me, to you. It's a new way for us to form relationship. One built on trust and integrity. This is paramount in my world. Operating with integrity in ALL that I do and building out New Earth Community are my foundation points. Welcome to my world! 

Thank you for taking the time to drop by and get a feel for who I am and what I'm offering. I dedicate myself towards procuring the best quality products on the market, from around the world. My joy comes from finding unique and useful products that fill your world with beauty, health and wellness, in all forms.

Please, if you purchase an item from my shop that doesn't reflect my high standards please reach out directly and let me know. This way we help each other. Ideally this shop should be a reflection of what matters to the both of us and one that nurtures a better world for all! Welcome aboard. :) xo

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