Vertical Natural Redwood North American Quena Flute in Key Of G

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Vertical Natural Redwood North American Quena Flute in Key Of G

There really is nothing like the soothing sounds of a wooden Quena flute. You've heard it in movie soundtracks, it has a haunting, sweeping quality to it that penetrates directly into ones' whole entire being. The South American flute in the video above is almost identical in tone to the N. Amercian Flute. You would be hard pressed to tell the difference btwn the two. 


Item: Natural Redwood North American Quena Flute

Tone: Key of G 

Material: Redwood

Features: Handmade, exquisite craftsmanship, precise sound

Package Includes:

1 x Quena Flute, 1 x Bag


The North American Quena Flute is the original instrument played by the North American Indians. It has been used in countless New Age and world music recordings and is known for its distinctive and unforgettably haunting and mystical sounds. The Quena flute was originally used for courtship, healing, meditation, and religious ceremonies, without the need for accompaniment. 


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