Suntech, Full Spectrum, 5V USB LED, Grow Lights With Timer And Desktop Clip

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Suntech, Full Spectrum, 5V USB LED, Grow Lights With Timer And Desktop Clip 

For all of your indoor growing needs, these versatile grow lamps offer full spectrum lighting and can be clipped on to many surfaces. Super versatile! A great thing to be able to grow inside.


Item: LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights

Dimmable: Yes

Certification: CE


These versatile grow lights can be used for indoor / outdoor food production, plant propagation, indoor gardening, indoor hydroponics and horticultural applications.

With adjustable goose neck these lamps can be rotated 360 degrees so you can control both the angle and the distance between the lamp and the plants.

Comes with an adjustable clip for mounting and three Switch Modes: (red, blue, full spectrum) and brightness levels.

5 Dimmable Options

Plant lights provide 5 dimmable options and 3 spectrum modes and can meet a variety of indoor plant's growing needs.

This lamp effectively meets the natural light required for plant growth in most growing stages.

Improves flower quality and lengthens flowering time.

Timing Function

Lamp comes with three timer setting options which allows for up to 4, 8, or 12 hours of light, according to the plant's needs. This is a one-way timer setting, meaning the lights can be turned on and off automatically, on a daily basis if desired.


You can water your plants as you like, don’t worry about damaging the grow lights.

Warranty: 1-year standard warranty for the product.

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