Silver Grounded Antimicrobial Conductive Pillow Case For EMF Protection Energy Clearing / 50 * 75cm

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Silver Grounded Antimicrobial Conductive Pillow Case For EMF protection Energy Clearing / 50 * 75cm (standard pillow size)

Use these with a grounding sheet or on their own, they're going to be magic. I often wake up with a head ache in the a.m. and when that happens I know there's been a lot of energy incoming during the night that my body's assimilating. These Silver cases would assist that process greatly. They would remove any energetic build up and help the body deal with inflammation. Also great for acne and other facial skin conditions due to its antibacterial properties.


Item: Silver Lined Grounded Pillow Case

Thread Count: 400TC

Style: Stripe

Size: 50 * 75CM

Material: 95% Cotton with 5% Silver Grid

Feature: Eco-Friendly


Sheet is durable and will hold up to hundreds of washing and dryings on a low heat setting.

Do not use harsh chemicals. No bleach

** Because the thread count is low, the cotton will be a rougher texture. I would suggest using this with another pillow case. It will be more comfortable, it will not reduce the effectiveness and it will extend the life of your pillow case.


1 * Pillow case 50*75cm 

1* Grounding cable 

NOTE: Be sure to choose your correct electrical application for your country.


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