Sexy French Cotton Push Up, Wireless, Seamless Bralette

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Sexy French Cotton Blend Push Up, Wireless, Seamless Bralette 

Ladies, ditch those underwire garments today! Our heart has the largest electromagnetic field and underwire garments short circuit those heart frequencies, which interferes with our central nervous system and can increase the risks of heart disease in women. Soooo these look to be soft and sexy with just enough lift and support for everyday wear with NO wire!  

Sizing Note: Now they say 'One Size' but we all know that's not going to work for everyone. So I would suggest the max. 'boobage' size should be in the range of approx.  32 - 38 / Lrg. B - Sm. C cup. 


Item: Wireless, Cotton Padded Push Up Bralette

Support Type: Wire Free

Strap Type: Adjusted-Straps, Non-Convertible Straps

Mold Cup Thickness: Thin Mold Cup

Cup Shape: Three Quarters(3/4 Cup)

Material: Cotton, Polyester

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