Reusable, Soft Bamboo Cotton Castor Oil Pack (Compress) For Whole Body Detox

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Reusable, Soft Bamboo Cotton Castor Oil Pack (Compress) For Whole Body Detox 

I use Castor oil packs regularly for just about everything. The magical compounds of the Castor bean are now well established among the wellness community. Assisting with everything from Cancer right down to basic indigestion and everything in between! If you're interested, research Edgar Cayce's work with Castor Oil. He swore by its mystical properties and used it regularly in his own healing practices. 

Thanking Yinova Health for the information: Castor Oil - Everything you want to know and Mel Can Nourish for the instructions. :)


Item: Adjustable Castor Oil Packs

Size: One Size Fits All

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Material: Bamboo Cotton Cloth

Product Colours: Khaki, White, Pink

Package Size: 26 * 13 * 3cm / 10.24 * 5.12 * 1.18inch


* Fabric is just the right absorbtion thickness 

* The external TPU layer of the package prevents oil leakage and stains.

* Comfortable and Reusable. Made of high-quality bamboo cotton, free of any chemicals, soft and hypoallergenic

* Helps improve insomnia and other sleep problems, digestion, absorption and defecation, and is good for liver detoxification, stomach, constipation, kidney detoxification, joint and muscle pain

* Strapping is elastic and fully adjustable

* WASHING INST: Use with a disposable inner layer that you can save and wash. Clean outer pack by hand using mild detergent. Do NOT machine wash or dry. Hang to dry.


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