Natural Cotton / Linen, Hemp, Buckwheat Acupressure Massage / Yoga Mat And Pillow

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Natural Cotton / Linen, Hemp, Buckwheat Acupressure Massage / Yoga Mat And Pillow 

Just looking at these mats makes my whole body tingle. I've never come across acupressure mats before and I love the fact that these are made of coconut and linen.


Item: Natural Linen Acupuncture Massage Mat And Pillow

Thickness: 10 mm 

Material: Cotton / Linen Blend, Hemp, Buckwheat Husk & Coconut Fibers

Size: Cushion 74 * 44cm

Pillow 38 * 25cm

Package Includes:

3pcs Set: Cushion + Pillow + Canvas Bag


This is the perfect 'at home' tool for full body acupressure sessions. NOT to be slept on overnight, however!

Can be placed on the bed or on the floor. Easy to use

Lightweight and portable for carrying and storage

If lying on it with bare skin is too intense, try it with light clothing or a towel until you get used to the pressure


Not suitable for children 5 and under.

Cleaning Instructions: Hand Wash Only. Use lukewarm water and HANG DRY. Do NOT place in the dryer or use harsh chemicals

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