Natural Herbal Detox, Cleansing Foot Pads

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Natural Herbal Detox, Cleansing Foot Pads  

There are not enough adjectives to articulate my love of the de-tox foot pad. They pull all kinds of excess fluids and toxins right through the points on our feet. 2 WORDS. They. Work!


Item: Detoxifying / Dehumidifying Foot Patch

Quantity: 10/20/30/40/50/60/100 pcs

Number of Pieces: Combo

Main ingredients: Bamboo vinegar, Mugwort leaf extract

EASY TO USE: Take the patch out of the package and apply it to the sole of your foot before going to bed. I like to put a sock on it for extra pull. Pull off the pad in the morning and BE SURE to wash your feet with soap and warm water. Foot pads are disposable and any small residue left on the foot will transfer to the floor.

Why do we adore herbal foot pads?!

They help to expel excess fluids and toxins

They reduce inflammation & tiredness

They decreases swollen glands and legs

....and they improve metabolism, blood circulation while boosting energy levels

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