Natural Cork With Non-Slip TPE Rubber Yoga Gym Sports Mat (72 *24 inch, 4 & 6mm)

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Natural Cork With Non-Slip TPE Rubber Yoga Gym Sports Mat (72 *24 inch,  4 & 6mm) 

These lovely mats are natural cork with a TPE Rubber (essentially man made rubber) under-liner for flexibility, durability and grip. There shouldn't be much of an odor when you first open it up but if so they suggest laying it out and letting it breathe a bit prior to use. 


Item: Natural Cork & TPE Yoga, Sports Mat

Color: Natural Burlywood

Thickness: 4mm, 6mm

Length: 183 cm * 61 cm

Material: Natural Cork + TPE


* Waterproof and Anti-Slip

* Made with Eco-Friendly Material - TPE is recyclable, decomposable, non-toxic and virtually odor-less

* Perfect Thickness: 4 mm and 6mm high density mat can absorb impact on joints and gives great support for users at any level.

 Package Includes:

1* Natural Cork TPE Yoga Mats + 1* Mesh Yoga Bag + 1* Rope Tie


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