Hyaline & Dora, Hand of Fatima Evil Eye, Protective Chakra Crystals Suncatcher

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Hyaline & Dora, Hand of Fatima Evil Eye, Protective Chakra Crystals Suncatcher 

Though I'm not a big believer in 'Luck' per say or the 'Evil Eye' for that matter, these do tickle me and I like the idea of protective talisman!


Item: Hyaline & Dora Hamsa Hand of Fatima Evil Eye Pendant / Hanging Crystal Suncatcher

Hook: Half-S Hook On The Top Of Metal Chain

Net Weight: 154 g

Length: 21", Half - S Hook On The Top Of Metal Chain

Material: K9 Crystal, Metal


Hamsa Hand of Fatima pendant and 7-color chakra crystal beads both represent energy which help to enrich one's spirit and well-being, It is said to improve people's luck in life and in love

The Turkish evil eye charms were widely used to protect people from evil in many cultures. It said to bring luck and protection from bad energy

The clear crystal suncatcher ball prisms have perfect light catching and reflecting functions

Packed in a beautiful gift box

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