13 Inch 15 Tone Pearl Paint Steel Tongue Handheld Tank Drum Percussion Instrument

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Hluru 13 Inch 15 Tone Pearl Paint Steel Tongue Handheld Tank Drum Percussion Instrument 

This is another variation of a Tank Drum. These are perfect for meditation or creating ambient mood.HLURU 13 INCH 15 TONE PEARL PAINT STEEL TONGUE HANDHELD TANK DRUM PERCUSSION INSTRUMENT


Item: 15 Tone Steel Tongue Handheld Tank Drum

Size: 39*39*18

Musical Quality: 120

Model Number: YJS3603014

Max Tone Number: 16

With Carry Bag: Yes

Drum Pad: 15

Drum Heads Material: Oilpaper

Drum Chamber Material: Titanium Alloy

Divided by Drum Number: 5-drum Kit

Diameter: 12-16 inch

Color: Green / Silver / Red

Scale: 15-tone D


The range spans 2 octaves, which is more suitable for professional performance.

The high-oxygen carbon reduction process, creates a sound that is cleaner and more ethereal.

The pearlescent paint surface uses special mica instead of aluminum particles, and the light reflected from the surface has a pearl-like sparkle. Seen from different angles, they have different colors.

Hand-woven rattan. This product comes with a hand-made rattan. The edge is welded and sealed with a U-shaped rubber strip and then the rattan is knitted so the welding cannot be seen.


1 x Steel Tongue Drum

1 x Drum Bag

1 x Handmade Rattan

1 x Scale Sticker

1 x English Music Score

1 Pair Finger Cots

1 Pair Drumsticks


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