Handmade Tibetan Leather-Bound Singing Bowl Stick / Mallet (12 / 12.5 cm)

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Handmade Tibetan Leather-Bound Singing Bowl Stick / Mallet (12 / 12.5cm)  

Singing bowl mallets. Like the bowls, often they too pick you... the fact that mine keep disappearing on me, I'll try and not to take it personally! ;-) lol!

Thank you Andrea Cortez for the beautiful explanation. 


Item: Handmade Leather Bound Wooden Mallet

Material: Wood + Sheepskin

Color: As Shown

Package: 1pc per



To use the mallet, gently tap the edge of the bowl to start a ring and then begin friction before the vibration disappears. Hold the mallet vertically at the edge of the bowl and slowly start friction along the upper edge until it makes a humming sound. Keep circling slow and with steady pressure until you find the bowl's resonance.


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