Handmade Tibetan Copper Sound Healing Meditation Singing Bowl

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Handmade Tibetan Copper Sound Healing Meditation Singing Bowl 

These little lovelies are a less pricey option if you're just dabbling, learning or you're buying one as a gift for that unique someone special.


Item: Handmade Tibetan Sound Healing Singing Bowls

Process: Handmade

Material: Copper



Each size of bowl has its own sounds and unique characteristics.

To use, straighten your non-dominant hand, place the Buddha sound bowl in the center of the palm, tap the edge of the Buddha sound bowl with the other hand, and rotate slowly clockwise or counterclockwise, the sound bowl will vibrate with the friction of the wooden stick, making a pleasant resonance.

The volume of the sound can be freely controlled according to your own feel. The longer the rotation, the different the rotation speed, the sound will follow and alter.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

The uneven thickness of the sound bowl is caused by the uneven tapping force, in multiple directions in the creation process

Do not let water sit in the bowl as it will stain the patina over time. Dry thoroughly

Place in a clean, dry environment

Avoid strong collision and fall damage

Do not use detergent, alcohol or other volatile products to clean the sound bowl


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