Electric USB Charging Or Manual Portable Travel Coffee Grinder Espresso Machine & Mug

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Electric USB Charging Or Manual Portable Travel Coffee Grinder Espresso Machine & Mug 

It's THAT time again! Summer's crackin' the rocks in N. America and it's time to travel, my friends. Pack the camper and hit the road but dear God, don't forget the coffee!! This really is a wonder machine. Comes in both electric and manual grinding options and both offer quality and ease of use for coffee on the GO, anywhere, any time! 


Item: Portable  All In One Travel Coffee Grinder Espresso Machine & Mug ( Incl. Travel Bag)

Material: Metal

Kit Type: Two-Piece Set

Capacity: 300 ml

Size: 8.5" x 3.7" x 3.7"

Color: Black

Weight: 1024 g

Package Includes:

1 x Electric all in one coffee maker

1 x Measuring spoon

1 x Customized storage bag

1 x USB charging cable

1 x User Manual


PORTABLE COFFEE GRINDER / FILTER: Combines an electric grinder, brewing filter, coffee mug, and manual grinding option. One machine  for all functions of grinding, brewing, and drinking. 

GREAT PARTNER FOR HIKING /CAMPING / TRAVEL: Suitable size for most briefcases and travel bags. The cup also fits most car cup holders. If you like camping, beach, hiking, backpacking, this product is your best choice. You'll only need to bring coffee beans to enjoy fresh coffee! It is worth noting that this product has the function of brewing and filtering, but the hot water needs to be prepared by you.

ELECTRIC COFFEE CERAMIC GRINDER: Powerful motor core, with conical ceramic grinding core, smooth and even grinding process. The electric grinder lithium battery is 1200mAH, it can be used to grind 7-8 times on a full charge. USB mobile charging method can be used at home, office, in the car or anywhere else that you can plug in.

REUSABLE: Reusable coffee filter is made of stainless steel and ABS resin (a better quality than ordinary plastic). The double-layer microporous design helps to achieve the perfect filtering effect with no sediment. The folded stand can be placed in the cup for easy storage.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE: The mug can be used alone as a portable cup. The cup is made of double-layer 304 stainless steel, with heat insulation and anti-scalding, high temperature and cold resistant design. 


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