Clear Crystal Meditation Sound Healing Singing Bowls

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Clear Crystal Meditation Sound Healing Singing Bowls

Another variation of the beautiful Crystal singing bowl. Different personality. Which do you prefer?


Item: Crystal Singing Bowl

Material: Crystal sand with a purity of more than 99.99%

Color: Transparent  and Transparent Blue

Size: 6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 9 inches, (+0.5 inches, 1 inch~2.5cm)

Accessories: Washers, Sheepskin Rods

Drum Pad: 5



These beautiful bowls offer amazingly clear, strong and deep, rich vibrations that resonate with the power to heal. 

They are delicate and need to be handled as such. Try to handle your bowl as little as possible with bare hands, for grease, dirt and debris over time, will compromise your instrument.

Each crystal singing bowl is inspected before dispatch.

The directions are very simple, divide the bowl mouth into three equal parts and tap lightly on three points. The method of knocking with large circular motions is commonly used. Using a mallet to rub the upper edge of the bowl will produce beautiful sounds and frequencies. The method of circular friction is divided into forward rotation and reverse rotation. Forward rotation brings in new energy, and reverse rotation removes old energy.

Meditation: Perfect for use before, during or after meditation. A beautiful and easy way to drop our brains into a Alpha and Theta wave lengths.

Precautions: Always try your best to keep the sound steady and not let it get louder and louder. Volume is not the goal. Clear, steady resonance is. Too much volume or loud, competing frequencies can crack and sometimes break crystal and glass. Bowls are very fragile so please use them gently, and let the sound and resonance stop naturally when in use. Do NOT touch the bowls with bare hands, to the best of your ability. Dirt, oil, debris will deteriorate the finish and grind into the soft material, compromising the long term tone and resonance.

Cleaning: The method of friction is divided into forward and reverse rotation. Start with counter-clockwise circles to remove dense energies. Circle for approx. three to five minutes, there is no upper limit. Once density has been discharged, wait for the resonance to stop and then switch to clockwise rotation and imagine the swirling, cleansing power of white light around you. You can visualize or do mantras at the same time, which can speed up the effect of eliminating dense energies while opening the air and central meridians.

Other Uses: Great for charging water (cold water only), watering plants, charging other gemstones, etc. but remember to add a liner to separate the crystal bowl from the item(s) being 'charged' so that they will not cause damage to the bowl.


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