Bamboo Wooden Indoor / Outdoor Wind Chimes In Chords G-B-D-C

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Bamboo Wooden Indoor / Outdoor Wind Chimes In Chords G-B-D-C

These chimes are so beautiful! The wood creates deep resonant tones that travel on the wind. Natural and soothing sounds for the garden. 


Item: Bamboo Wind Chimes

Style: Japan Style


This is a wind chime with chords. Suitable for sound healing, meditation and calming the emotions.

Wind chimes are for patios, balconies, garden, churches or home decor. They're also ideal for Zen meditation and daily relaxation.

Made of bamboo shell and metal resonance plate, these windchimes create a sound that is rich, deep in tone and relaxing thanks to their expert tuning.


Wind:C (C-E-G-F)




Item Size: 17 * 7 cm/ 6.7 * 2.8 in

Item Weight: 155g / 5.5oz

Package Size: 19 * 9 * 8cm

Package Weight: 275 g

Packing List:

1 * Wind Chime

1 * dolphin pendulum

1 * water-drop pendulum

2* Waterproof paper pendulum

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