AFODI Photon Infrared Thermal Chakra Gemstone Massage Mat

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AFODI Photon Infrared Thermal Chakra Gemstone Massage Mat 

A Chakra Mat! Who knew these existed and where have I been?! These ingenious mats combine 5 natural healing therapies in one convenient yoga style mat. Experience Hot Stone Therapy * Far Infrared Therapy * Negative Ion Therapy * Photon Light Therapy * PEMF Therapy and Chakra Balancing all in the comfort of home. Oh my... I think I'm in love.


Item: Photon Infrared Rainbow Chakra Mat

Weight: 4.85kg

Thickness: 2.5cm

Temperature Setting: 30℃~70℃ / 86℉~158℉

Voltage: 110V

Stone: 8 Gemstones

Size: Small (50 x 100cm (20"*39")

Power: 130 w

Material: Composite Material

Function: Photon, Negative Ion, Far Infrared,

Certificate: FDA, CE, ISO13485

Brand Name: AFODI


Magnetic Chakra Mat: CPV-510 Chakra infrared thermal photon bio-stimulation pad combines natural gemstones, deep penetrating far-infrared rays, negative ions and photon light therapy in one beautiful, high-tech device designed to improve the overall quality of life of its user.

Long-term use can effectively promote elevated mood, better blood circulation, accelerated metabolism, enhanced immunity, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, treats various chronic conditions, relieves stress, relieves physical fatigue, softens sore muscles, improves sleep quality, etc...


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