8 inch Colourful Cat Under-glazed Ceramic Dinner / Dessert Dishes * An Ode to my Rudy *

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8 inch  Colourful Cat Under-glazed Ceramic Dinner / Dessert Dishes * An Ode to Rudy *

Recently we had to surrender our most beloved feline family member due to sudden and irreconcilable difference with his brother...it was  unavoidable and all we were left to do was read the signs, for everyone's highest good. It damn near killed me! So in honour of my Rudy finding his absolute highest timeline and reality possible, his 'Easy Rider' retirement, I bring you these special plates. From my heart directly to yours and his. <3 <3 


Item: Ceramic Cat Dinner / Side Plates

Size: 20cm / 8 inch

Shape: Flower

Material: Ceramic


* Safe in microwave, dish-washer, oven

* Under-glazed ceramic, healthy, lead-free


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