7 Color, - 3D - LED Battery Powered Print Moon Night Light Lamp, 8CM/12CM With Stand

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7 Color, - 3D - LED Battery Powered Print Moon Night Light Lamp, 8CM/12CM With Stand

Bring some cosmic Moon magic into your home world .

NOTE: Having read many of the reviews on this product, it got very high marks for the quality of the moon itself but lacked in the stand department as it is PVC. Myself, I prefer wood so I sought out a beautiful wooden stand that together with the moon will be stylin!. Search for related products to find the stand in wood.


Wattage: 0-5W

Voltage: 3V

Type: Night Light

Shape: Moon

Power Source: Button Battery

Power Generation: Switch

Light Source: LED Bulbs

Smart Device: No

Bulbs Included: Yes

Batteries Included: Yes

Body Material: PVC

Battery Type: Button Cell


3D Print LED Night Light Moon Lamp: Creative three-dimensional spherical design, round moon appearance, simple and beautiful

Warm And Comfortable Lighting: LED light source, brings warmth and comfort in the dark, easy on the eyes

Two Sizes - Lightweight Design: 8cm/12cm

7 Colorful Lights that alternate to create a multi-color, relaxing atmosphere

Triangular Three-Dimensional Bracket: Simple and lightweight design (PVC)

NOTES: If the goods you receive are concave or crinkled, it's caused by the squeezing of the goods during transportation. Lightly spay your lamp with water and re-shape or you can use a hair dryer on it if you're careful.


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