6pcs, Quantum EMF Radiation Protection / Shield Stickers

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6pcs, Quantum EMF Radiation Protection / Shield Stickers

We love these EMF shielding products. They're so necessary these days! We have them all over the house and on all of our wireless devices. 


Item: Round, Anti-radiation Quantum Shield Stickers

Material: Metal

Colors: Gold and Silver


Function: To protect and reduce harmful EMF effects. Delivers negative ionic energy.

With the assault of satellites being sent into our atmosphere over the last 2 - 5 yrs and particularly with the newly launched Space X (3k + satellites launched as of 2022) all beaming unprecedented levels of radiation at us 24 / 7, electromagnetic radiation has become the fourth major source of pollution here on planet Earth. It is imperative we see what we can do about reducing harmful and disruptive radiation levels in our environment and on the planet.


Peel back the tape, with sticky side down paste near the antenna parts (phone) (pasting on this site can reduce the radiation rate more than 90%), another placement can be on the mobile phone battery itself (reducing the radiation rate up to 60% to 70%, and can restore the battery capacity at the same time, extending the standby time). ** When pasting on the battery ,avoid the electrode. **

Radiation protection patches can be cut according to the required size. Cutting does not affect the function of the product. When pasting on to the battery, you must cover more than 70% of the battery area to create the best effect.


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