528HZ Aluminum Alloy Tuning Fork For DNA Healing & Repair

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528HZ Aluminum Alloy Tuning Fork For DNA Healing & Repair 

Ah 528... such a beautiful, healing frequency. There's so much to know about this magical tone that I wouldn't do it justice here, in trying to describe its mystical properties and how it affects our biology and the field. Do take some time to investigate on your own. It's well worth your while. So many healing properties! Personally the 528 is my go-to frequency to use directly on the body. I use it to break down density and offer the body an assist in dissolving and returning old, spent energy that we no longer need or want in our bodies, back to the Universe for recycling. :) I use it on the cats, on my plants and most definitely on bods. Oh, and hands down THE best way to clear a space of dense energy!

You could start here: Meditative Mind /528hz-miraculous-healing-frequency


Item: 528 hz. Aluminum Alloy Tuning Fork

Fork Size:17.5 * 2.4 * 0.9cm

Material: High Quality Aluminum Alloy

Colour: Black


Package Contents:

1 * Tuning Fork
1 * Cleaning Cloth
1 * Gavel
1 * Storage Bag


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